THREADS is conceived, developed,
and performed by Anjali Austin

THREADS is an auto-ethnographic portrayal that highlights how familial influences shape one’s life. Intended to be a tribute to Ms. Austin’s ancestors, it centers around 33 quilts created and designed by her maternal grandmother  Mrs. Gussie Beatrice Arnold Hill. Within the piece Ms. Austin investigates the human experience during a time in African American history when their existence, contributions to society, and cultural and professional achievements were stunted and devalued. The piece speaks to strength and resilience amidst struggle, and interweaves first hand cultural     histories from the lived African American experience.


Click here to view a video of the opening of “Threads” at the William Johnston Building Gallery, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.


Note: The performative work THREADS has been retitled Live Oak.


 Performance Schedule


July 24th (Monday) 7:00 – 8:30 pm 


Live Oak

LO - singing

Photo credit: Carrie Seidman


Conceived, written and developed by Ms. Austin, Live Oak is a solo piece based on 33 quilts inherited from her maternal grandmother, Mrs. Gussie Beatrice Arnold Hill (1912-1988).



Center for Ballet and the Arts, New York University  16 Cooper Square  New York, NY 10003


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