Studying ballet with Anjali Austin was a breath of fresh air. Supportive and rigorous at the same time, Anjali helped me release mental and physical blocks that I had unconsciously built up. With her breadth of experience, persistent encouragement, and unwaveringly high expectations I was in good hands and continued to increase my physicality and technique during the four years I trained with Anjali.

~ Maria Bauman, Artistic Director, MBDance, Director of Education and Community Engagement, Urban Bush Women



I was honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to be trained by Anjali. She adapted beautifully to each student’s ability to assimilate and absorb information, and she made me feel calm and open to her knowledge. Her excellent teaching style, gentle manner, and expertise in how the body moves made a profound impact on my life. Not only did this experience add to my confidence, it has also given me tools and new skills that will last a lifetime. Anjali is more than just a teacher we would all only hope for; she is a beautiful person, and I feel lucky that my path crossed hers. I thank her for bringing light into my training.

~ Cinde Carroll, Sarasota fl, owner of CCFit, Certified GYROTONIC® trainer, Certified Pilates Instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer



Anjali Austin brings into the dance studio a keen eye. She nurtures dancers to be professional and have technical excellence. As a choreographer, she transfers these attributes into an artistic setting. Her process involves creative
exercises to help dancers find their voice and point of connection within her vision for the work; yet allowing the artist within each dancer to be nurtured and showcased. What I most appreciated as her student was having the space,
respect, and support to find my way as an artist.

~ Kehinde Ishangi, professor of dance Académie Américaine De Danse De Paris, Paris, France



Anjali teaches from her heart and soul. I come from a fitness and science background. Anjali taught me more than the Gyrotonic system – she taught me how to feel and experience the movement – how to get the movement out of my head and into my body. It changed how I teach and perform Pilates as well. Her kindness, patience and professionalism is the vehicle from which she imparts her life-long experience in dance and movement. I was extremely fortunate to have her as my teacher.

~ Barbara Bruni, Owner, Pilates Core Training, Pensacola, Florida



It was an enriching experience for me working with Anjali. She is one of the few who is able to convey the essence. Aided by her vast experience as GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer she gently guides one to understand and carry out the movements properly according to ones ability without imposing herself. Her integrity, quiet confidence, real love and enthusiasm for the work most certainly are a huge asset to the GYROTONIC® community!

~ Leticia Muller, ex-principal ballerina with Birmingham Royal Ballet, United Kingdom;

now certified GYROTONIC® teacher in Geneva, Switzerland



Anjali came highly recommended to me by a fellow GYROTONIC®/ GYROKINESIS® instructor. I had the pleasure of working with Anjali on two GYROTONIC® Foundation trainings. I enjoyed the gracefulness of Anjali’s gentle yet very detailed style of training. It was easy to identify with every word of her training to the point that all my years of training became very clear to me. I look forward to many years of training with Anjali as she is now my Master Trainer for all my Pre-Trainings. Thank you Anjali!

~ Patricia Wilborn, Naples, Florida GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer, GYROKINESIS® Instructor, Pilates Instructor



Anjali’s knowledge and application of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® has surpassed all of our studio’s expectations. She allows the students time to explore the work and is always fully present. I highly recommend Anjali as a Master Trainer and wish we could have her move to Bermuda full time.

~ Sophia Cannonier, CEO (Creative Energy Organizer), The Bermuda Integrative Health Co-operative Ltd



Anjali Austin is an artist not only as a dancer, but as a teacher and mentor. She brings to her teaching a wealth of knowledge and expertise; having worked closely with Juliu Horvath for the past 20 years. She is attentive and compassionate with her students, reliable and yet also flexible to change. Anjali’s teaching skills are just the right blend of humor and professionalism. Having had a lot of teachers, and being one myself, I am quite grateful to have done my training with Anjali – she is without a doubt among the very best. I look forward to doing more in the future with Anjali and would recommend her to anyone.

~ Vicki K. Sullivan, PhD, LD, RD Owner, Lifebalance, LLC



Anjali has been part of my Gyrotonic experience from my first cautious steps into a workout to finally earning my Level I certification. She is as bright and warm as the yellow she loves to wear. Her knowledge and wisdom of the system is broad and complete; a workout with her is a must!

~ Stefan Zubal, MFA Candidate in Dance, Florida State University



Anjali Austin is a remarkable individual with the maturity and depth to train even beginning Gyrotonic® students, such as myself, to a level of competence with such energy as to inspire confidence. My foundation course was a life-changing event.

~ Carol Isaac PT, Ph.D., Gainesville, Florida