Lecture Series


‘Where Are the Black Ballet Dancer’s in America?’ 

Co-created by Dr. Joselli Audain-Deans and Anjali Austin

Note:  This presentation is possible with one or both of the co-creators.

This presentation focuses on professional classical dancers of color from the 20th century and links into my personal experiences in the field.  In this area I feel a personal calling to pass on the rich history of Ballet by addressing the exclusion of Black Classical Ballet Dancers and their contributions to American and World History.


‘A Concert Dancer on Tour’

This lecture is based on the realities of life as a touring artist.  Some of my real life experiences as a touring member of Dance Theatre of Harlem are shared to explore what is expected of dance professionals on and off the road.  Areas of focus include: maintaining one’s technical instrument, navigating food for peak performance, responsibilities of a dance artist, and respecting performance preparation.


‘A Degree in Dance’

As a faculty member at Florida State University I offer an opportunity for students and parents to discuss what a degree program in Dance entails.  This is strongly based on my experiences at FSU.  The goal is to expose potential students to degree requirements, offer ideas of what to look for in a program, and to stress the importance of selecting the right institution for one’s interest in dance.



This forum is for students new to ballet and dance to provide a means for discussing matters related to the studio outside of class time.  It is a student driven session that affords them the opportunity to ask questions on the profession and related areas of the field.   Topics often include: unwritten rules of dance, studio etiquette, the audition process, personal challenges in technique, dance related fields of study, etc.



Note:  All Lecture Series presentations are appropriate for students, faculty, parents and other special audiences.