GYROTONIC® Tallahassee

Anjali Austin, Specialized Master Trainer




Teacher Training Courses No. of Days Fees
Gyrotonic Pre-Training Six $850.00
Gyrotonic Teacher Training Twelve $1,500.00
Gyrotonic Apprentice Review Six $700.00
Gyrotonic Certified Trainer Update* Three $350.00
Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer Update* Three $350.00
Gyrotonic Level II Pre-Training* Three $350.00
Programs I or II (each)  
Gyrotonic Level II Teacher Training* Four $550.00
(Programs I or II)  
Gyrokinesis Pre-Training Six $550.00
Gyrokinesis Teacher Training Nine $950.00
Gyrokinesis Apprentice Review Three $350.00
Gyrokinesis Certified Trainer Update Three $350.00
Gyrokinesis Pre-Trainer Update Three $350.00


Specialized Courses*

Gyrotoner Six $800.00
Leg Extension Unit Course Six $750.00
GYROTONIC® Applications for Tennis* Three $350.00


*Pre-requisites:  Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis educational courses require participants successfully complete pre-requisites prior to entering the next level of training.  Instructors participating in specialized courses must be GYROTONIC® Level I trained with a valid trademark license.  More information on Teacher Trainings may be found at


Please note: costs do not include host site fees and/or travel and lodging expense.  In some markets a per diem may be requested.


Fees subject to change. 


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